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Florida native and restaurateur Mike Rosenberg founded Mack’s Tender in 2016 with a simple goal – to craft the perfect chicken tender. Alongside a team of chefs, Mike did just that, creating fresh, never frozen, carefully cooked tenders with a special seasoning that balances the natural flavor of the chicken. They complemented it with 30 special sauces, many of which are unique to Mack’s, and a southern-inspired menu of sides.

Our Philosophy

At Mack’s Tenders, we believe in simplicity. We care about the little things, things like family time, quality conversation, and a good food. We believe in careful, high quality work. We do not believe in minding the details – we believe in perfecting them. We believe that to do something well, you have to give it your full attention, and that to enjoy something, you have to do the same.

Supporting our Heroes

Mack’s Tender believes it is our duty and privilege as citizens to support heroes. We are proud to support Veterans and First Responders by donating to charities that honor and support these heroes. We are also proud to offer a $17,500 discount off the franchise fee to veterans and first responders wishing to start franchises. The skills learned when serving make these individuals talented businesspeople and leaders, and we are honored to do business with them.

Mack's Tenders

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